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Blog Site Unveiling smAs individuals we change.
As we receive new information we grow and evolve.
If we wish to practice authenticity
then we need to be willing to embrace this change
as it comes.


She is reborn; new and more expressive of the heart that beats inside, more generous of her offerings. She is not perfect. There is already a list of areas that will be evolving over the next few months. But she is here. She is out in the world, unapologetic, unafraid, unveiled.

Who is she? 

She is me, she is you, she is the potential of every woman, man, and child. She is a reflection of all of us here, simply showing up as the truth of who we are, right now, yet unstuck and willing to change. 


I spent the last few months slowly renovating my website. I had to rewrite my "about me" section. I am no longer "happily married" riding bicycles through Midtown with my husband. Sure, I am still and always will be married to him. But so much has changed since I wrote my old bio.

It took me a while to feel emotionally ready and clear enough to write "about me" again. One reason for that is because who wants to write a new bio as a widow? The other reason is because how do you capture who you are in writing? When something is written it can feel so static while who I am is much more fluid. I could have put off publishing this site for...forever, really but there came a point when I just had to decide to simply show up as I am right now and to allow to do the same. 

What else would I be willing to share if I didn't worry about waiting until it was just right? Or what would I be willing to say if I wasn't concerned how I would be viewed when my opinion changed a few months, days, or even minutes later. 

One of the beauties of this world is how it is ever-changing and perhaps changing faster than it ever has before. 

May we continue this beautiful process.
May we have the courage to share our current truth.
May we stay open to let it change. 

Standing with you in love and support as you navigate your unique journey and as you unveil the truth of your now. 


Kaci Florez

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