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"You cannot throw me to the wolves.
They come when I call."


We are not naive, but we will not succumb to fear. Within us awakens a powerful force of truth, courage, integrity, strength, and grace. This force is met with resistance, be it from ourselves or from others. But we stay true. 

As we forge ahead in our own journeys may we remember to call on guidance and energies that can help light our way. This guidance can come from living teachers, ancestors, animal archetypes, and more. Today I call on the Wolf, a pack animal; protective, loyal, confident, and wildly intelligent. May we call on the wolf for protection, guidance and strength. 

In Qoya we dance for ourselves and our own healing and we dance for the collective and our collective healing. Regardless of whether our focus is on ourselves, our family, our friends, or the collective-- our dance serves All. 

May our dance help our awakening. 

woman and wolf

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