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“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” 
-Lily Tomlin

When I plan a class theme far in advance I notice that at some point before the class this theme starts to have its way in my life. It is a type of initiation, forcing me to know the theme intimately, certifying me to teach it.
The healing goes deep.
A couple months ago the idea for this week's theme came to me:

"Slow Down to Feel More" 

Slowing down is a common suggestion in a Qoya class and it feels universal. It feels like no matter what is going on in my life this is something I could connect with. At the time of choosing this theme I didn't know how important the timing of it would actually be. March is a very full month for me. It's crunch time on some big events that need my full presence. Gratefully all of these events are labors of love. But as we all know, sometimes even labors of love can become a little overwhelming. I am grateful that this theme of slowing down has begun dancing through my life inviting me to be more present, to immerse myself more deeply into the process, to take the pressure off, and to bring all of me to the table.

I'm interested if you have also felt the medicine of this theme at play in your life... Whether you are already registered for class or are planning on coming to class, have you felt the call to slow down since you made that commitment? Have you recently begun to subscribe to the notion that "less is more", and even when you have a deadline that it's okay to stop and smell the roses? And it's okay to daydream a little bit... Or have you been more on the resistance side, struggling to stay on track with your busy schedule? Have you found yourself going through the motions and willing your way to the end of the day? 

One of the beauties of this journey of healing, remembering, and embodying is that the process begins now. To begin receiving some of the benefits we don't have to wait until after the class, the workshop, or the ceremony. We don't have to wait until after the healing session or appointment with our counselor. It simply starts when a desire is expressed, when a decision is made, or when an appointment is put on the calendar. If we slow down we can start to feel the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) shifts already taking place once the intention has been made. 

I invite you to observe this. Whether you intend to come to Sunday's class, or to class on the 20th, or on the Costa Rica Retreat, or to any future gathering, just know that when you feel the call the work and healing has already started. The path is being prepared for the journey. And I trust with all my being that we will dance, all of us together, in the perfect moment and beyond space and time.

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