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September 11, 2001

From that day forward Americans were very aware that terror could come to our own land. Despite the fact that this was not the first time this very center had been attacked by the same group, we didn't yet realize the magnitude in which evil could and would affect us. What 9-11 did was make us acutely aware of darkness and evil. It was no longer just something that we heard about on the news or sent our family and friends and neighbors off to fight in foreign countries. This event hit home for every American and hit more deeply for those who lost loved ones or lived near the attack sites.

We have a phrase "never forget" and when someone says it we know it is a reference to September 11, 2001. But while this truly was a horrible day and many people lost their lives, it is not the most tragic part of our history in terms of numbers and suffering. The truth is suffering happens all around us. Evil has its way all around us. But the audacity of this attack and the surprise element* were simply unprecedented. And yes, a lot of lives were ruined and lost as a result. This was our wake up call. We could not sleep anymore. Despite how our government responded and continues to respond and despite how our media reports, as individuals we were given an upside down gift that day.

The horror and the pain and the shock are all things any one of us would choose to never have experienced, but the Truth was revealed. The Truth that evil and darkness are very real and very present. And while ignorance can be bliss, only when darkness is brought to the light can it heal. And with the amount of news coverage September 11th garnered even just in those first few hours and days (not to mention the years following) the shocking events of this day brought darkness to the light in a way that was also unprecedented. Thirteen years later some of us have maybe gone back to sleep, but the point is we were woken up that day. And once you're awake to something you never forget.


As we continue to move forward let's honor that memory not simply by remembering but by growing from it. There is almost always something to be learned even in pain and tragedy. Anytime the truth is revealed we can be thankful. And truth most definitely hurts sometimes. But it also sets you free. The throne of Truth sits right beside the throne of Love. And together these two form the Light. We still have a lot of unanswered questions. We are still very much in the realization of darkness. But the veil has been lifted. And for this I am thankful. I am thankful for having seen and felt the darkness because now I truly know the Light. 

(*surprise at least to the common citizen, all conspiracies aside)

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