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Wikihow "How to Get a Thigh Gap"

Just the other day I saw a reference to the “thigh gap” online. In case this is a new phrase to you the thigh gap is when there is a space between your thighs when your feet are side by side. It is not the norm for most people because it take a cooperation of bone structure and thinness to achieve. If you are missing at least one of these things then your chances of getting a thigh gap are slim to none. Despite this, the thigh gap is desirable to many people particularly young girls and women. For some reason I felt inspired to look into this thigh gap obsession. I found videos on YouTube to deepen my knowledge. Please note that once I typed “thig-” into the search the first thing to come up was “thigh gap” so it must be pretty popular. The results ranged from “Thigh Gaps Emerges as Teenage Girls New Image Obsession” to various videos describing how to achieve a gap in the thighs and of course spoofs on the "Benefits of the Thigh Gap" and "5 Way to Fake a Thigh Gap". I have absolutely nothing against the body type or women that have thigh gaps. But I am fascinated at how important this quality is to some people. College Humor does a great History Channel parody on it’s rise to fame where they ask, “So how did this arbitrary measure of bone structure become a standard of beauty?” and just like me they did not find an answer. So after my little google fest on this subject, I lost interest and went about my day.

The thigh gap had been practically forgotten in my mind until I was walking around Trader Joes in a maxi skirt and I felt my inner thighs gliding across one another.  As walked down the frozen food aisle it occurred to me for the first time that I do not have a thigh gap. This was only the first time because I had not given it any thought before. As I felt my inner thighs touching I thought about how there are girls out there that do not want what I have. I thought about how to some people this is undesirable and I couldn’t help but smile because I was happy with my thighs that touch.

After paying for my items I was walking out to my car and I noticed a young mom with two young children, one holding her hand and one in her arms. As I watched her pulling out a shopping cart I was thinking about how I admired how much strength it takes to be a mom. I get whiny when my purse is too heavy and here she is carrying a toddler, a purse, with another child in tow. It wasn’t until moments of admiration that I noticed she had an artificial leg. I acknowledged within myself that she must have experienced some challenges that I cannot understand and here she was rockin’ the show. As I walked away I couldn’t help but think about how this woman could probably care less about the thigh gap. And my gratitude for my own two working legs overflowed. It was the first time I can remember be grateful for being grateful. I was grateful in that moment that it did not take me seeing this mom with her artificial leg to be grateful for what I had.

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