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I was reminded this week why I go on retreats. Besides my love of travel, my love of gathering with like-minded women, my love of Qoya and ritual, nourishing food, and sand between my toes, perhaps the biggest reason I go on retreats is to give myself the space to notice the subtlety of spirit. While I do trust that spirit is in all places and things, my ability to perceive it can be profoundly affected by environment, awareness, and the state of my nervous system. Retreats are where I go to quiet the distractions of daily routine that often go unquestioned, leaving me unaware of their impact on my ability to be fully present. This is when the subtlety of spirit begins to feel less subtle, but rather an undeniable force of unconditional love and support.

Dropping from the head into the body and the senses,
experiencing life with all of my faculties,
open to fresh information. 

Sometimes it takes a week-long getaway to clear the channels of spirit. Sometimes it takes an afternoon. And other times it’s as simple as taking one deep breath. 

Coming home from the Dance With the Veil retreat in Tulum, Mexico, I bring with me the reminder to infuse my life with more moments that support the clearing of my channel. Right now I feel gentle nudges of guidance in the air and look forward to following where spirit leads me. 

Tulum Sunrise Dance

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