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Every day I will write, even just a little but to see what flows out. May the writing be some sort of reflection of my journey and a link to the collective. Some days my writing will be worth sharing. Most days it probably will not. Should I share it anyways? What if I blogged every day? Would this help me give the stirrings of my heart and soul a place to live and breathe in the world? I often feel like the majority of my depth is boarded up within the walls of my skin. This was not always the case. But somewhere along my journey inward I began to restrict the channel that goes outward. It's not totally closed, but the flow has some debris in the way. This realization is novel because I just realized that I was unaware of the walls I had allowed to go up and the debris I allowed to collect. And now I see that perhaps the walls just went up so that I could learn to take them back down. To allow a natural flow of energy is extremely healing and beneficial. But to understand how to guide the flow and set up boundaries when necessary is even more beneficial.

This life is a practice. And time after time I am reminded of how perfect everything really is. There is so much I want to see, to learn, to feel, to do. But today, I will just start with writing.

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