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There are times in this life where we see a direction we want to go. This desire feels good and pure. The kind of good and pure that tells you it is the True, authentic desire of your Soul and Higher Self. You can visualize and even enact some steps in this direction, but repeatedly you are drawn back to your same old pattern, that same old direction. Even so, you keep this vision and knowledge of where you want to go. In fact, you can't really help but keep the vision because the desire is so innate that it is more you than even your current understanding is you.

By keeping this vision and praying for your embodiment of it, you keep it close to manifestation. And if you are lucky, the elements in your life and the Universe will conspire to push you again and again in the desired direction. Even when you choose to fall into the old pattern and when you are convinced that you are doing good by your True Self and Soul, you are lucky if this path is interrupted. Perhaps your ability to perform the same old task is taken from you: you injure your leg, you lose your voice, you damage your instruments or tools. Temporarily you are paralyzed from any action, be it the same old pattern or the True desired path. Do not despair. This is just to drive home, embed within you, the lesson that you not only want, but you need to take this new path. And the sooner you take the leap of faith, change the direction of your sails and do as you truly wish, the better for you and the better for All That Is.

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