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Rebirth can be a long process. I think of the labor pains a mother endures for the birth of a child. How sometimes the contractions can seem to go on forever. I've heard mothers say they wondered if the baby would ever come out. 

I've never given birth to a baby, but I feel the analogy fits to a Soul rebirth. Something feels so right and innate about the process. And yet there are aches and pains. Contraction and expansion. Wails and cries. Excitement and peace. 

A soul rebirth is a shedding and releasing of everything the soul no longer needs to move forward. It is a growing into and familiarizing with a new body, new skills, new challenges, new qualities. 

As the soul is rebirthed we may grieve what we are leaving behind. Maybe we leave people, places, things, but mostly we grieve who we were. Even if we know it's time to move forward and we are excited about our becoming, we mourn the loss of our old self. Just like a mother who deeply loves her teenage child mourns no longer having a baby to snuggle, we learn to feel all of it. The love, the ache, the excitement, the grief. 

In a soul rebirth some parts of us evolve more quickly than others taking a toll on our physical body as our body is the container for all of it. Today I feel my rebirth in my body. A little achy, a little tender. I say thank you to this body for all that it endures in my own birthing and the birthing of all that my soul wants to bring into being. 

Sacred Body

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