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"There is an invisible force of loving energy always working on our behalf."
-Gabby Bernstein

Some days I feel connected to this invisible force and some days I wonder if it is taking the day off. As the weather heats up in Sacramento I am brought back to last year, to a hot summer day, the worst day of my life, the day I received the call about Jhonny's accident. I am brought back to the many days that followed of me sitting on my couch, numbing out to Netflix and avoiding being around people. In these moments of remembering this excruciating time I feel what feels like disconnection. But then I remember that this invisible force of loving energy manifests in many forms and, while sometimes I didn't recognize it when it was there, deep down I knew it was with me all along.

Sometimes these numbing moments in life are really just little gifts that allow us to let go and be supported. 

Setting out on this journey of seeking to live a life more in alignment with this loving energy is a courageous move. When we set out on a journey of seeking something so much bigger than us it helps to be prepared to be surprised sometimes; to be confused, stretched, expanded, knocked down, and pushed beyond what is comfortable, beyond what we know. One of the most helpful ways I have found to help me prepare for all of this is to open my heart by also opening my mind. As I open my mind to look at the world in a new way, to really consider that things may be completely different than I think they are, my heart softens and becomes more capable of not only sending love out, but at receiving love in.

And learning to receive love in is not just a pleasant skill to have, it can truly be what saves your life in the moments that one cannever really prepare for.  

Going by many names this invisible force of loving energy, is the sacred pulse of life, the divine source of all being, the web that connects and supports us all. It can show up in big ways or very subtle ways. My belief is that no matter how it shows up it is always there, available to draw from, and working on our behalf.


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