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Title is a lyric from "Dear Believer" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

The way I see it is there is plenty of pain and suffering that is simply a part of living on Earth. Birth is painful, growth is painful, dying and loss are painful. All of these are a part of life, no choice.
You want to live? You have to deal with all of them. 
Every other pain is not guaranteed and much of it we create for no good reason at all. Yes we learn so much from all of the pain, including the pain that we created without real need, but what if there was a way to lessen how much pain was in the world? What if we could have a world with less conflict, violence, hate, and suffering?

I believe we can. And I believe that is the call many of us are answering in the best way that we know how. I believe more and more of us are realizing that, like in the song "Dear Believer", "reaching for heaven is what [we're] on Earth to do." But we're not just reaching for Heaven to feel it for ourselves. We are reaching for Heaven to pull it down to Earth for everyone else as well.

I believe that is why I am here, and I really don't think I am alone. 

This is the inspiration for a class I am leading tomorrow night.  The invitation is to dance "Heaven on Earth."
May we feel it. 
May we create it.
May we pull Heaven down to our here and now. 

May we do this through our dance and through how we live our lives.

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