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People ask, "What is the purpose of life?"

And I say, "The purpose to life is to be fully, wholly, and authentically You. No exceptions, no apologies, no masks, no catering to make others comfortable, no confusion. It can take a lifetime to discover who and what you truly are. It can take multiple lifetimes. There are thousands of messages and people trying to answer this question for you. And nobody can answer it for you. They can support you. They can hold up a mirror for you. You can even hold hands for a little while as each of you walks your own path. But there must be a point where you let go of the other's grasp. There must be a time when you clear everyone else out of your view and see clearly. To be fully and wholly who You are, it has to be done by you."

"Then what about love?"

"We are love and we come from love. When we reunite with the truth of who we are we simultaneously reunite with pure, endless love. It's okay to let go of our loved ones to find ourselves because when we find our True self it will lead us more fully back to our loved ones with the ability to love more deeply and more completely."

I have felt this. It is still a journey I am on. But I have felt the truth of these words and so I write them from experience. I write them as encouragement. I write them as a reminder to myself. Stay on the beautiful path of True Love.

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