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I don't know about you, but Fall has utterly stolen my heart and is caressing it with her cool breezes, colorful leaves, sweaters, and earthy fragrance. Every Spring I say to myself "this is my favorite season!" And then every Fall I retract and say, "no THIS is my favorite season!" To be honest, I do not think there is a winner to this contest besides those of us that get to enjoy the gifts. And along with Autumn's sensual gifts such as the colors, the temperature, and the smells, isn't the "change" part pretty enticing too? But wait! As humans don't we often resist change? We stick with the known comforts over the unknown adventure/risks. We order the same dish at our favorite restaurant over and over. We wear the same hairstyle for a little longer than excites us because we know how to manage it. We maintain relationships that may not be very fulfilling or satisfying anymore. There are a million ways that we resist change and resist our own growth because maybe we don't want to go into the unknown or we don't want to be uncomfortable. But our love of Spring and Fall reveals that we have a deep desire for change and shaking things up- the stripping down and dying off that Autumn represents, and the growth and blooming that Spring represents. We crave it! So this season, embrace change!

As you enjoy witnessing the beauty of the leaves turning colors and falling to the earth remember to honor death, honor their death. As the light of the Sun becomes more sparse and is often hidden altogether remember to appreciate darkness.  Allow yourself to find a sense of hibernation and become more reflective, to dig deep and do the inner work. Change is necessary if we want to nourish our soulful lives. The change of seasons is evidence that the Universe is assisting us all the time with symbolism, opportunities, and messages so that we can go completely into the fullness of who we really are. There is no better time than now to open your senses, open your hearts, and surrender to the perfection of it all.

The inner work can be little daunting whether you have been at it for years or are thinking of just getting started. But there is nothing that excites me more than a little soul excavating and authentic self embodying. So please know that I would be happy to help you get started or just re-dedicated. While this really is a solo journey we are talking about, I have some tools I can share and offer including simple 20 minute Oracle readings in prep for the holidays. Send me a message if you are ready to dive inward.

Let's live fully and enjoy every last drop.

With love, hot tea, and pumpkin spice,


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