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I find myself on this journey that I never would have consciously chosen. Each day I continue to walk this Earth knowing that I will never get to hold the hand of my husband again. I do not get to hear his spontaneous laughter.  I do not get to birth his children and watch him be a father.  I do not get to feel the warmth of his body. His body is now in ashes that are spread between Colombia, California, and Switzerland. Despite all that I have lost, there is still so much of him that remains. I have memories, gifts, lessons, friendships, in-laws that are my family... and at the top of the list of things that remain is Love. Since the movie Interstellar came out Jhonny always wanted to watch it with me. He eventually saw it on an airplane and told me he wanted me to see it so badly. After he passed I received the message that he still wanted me to see it and so finally I did. There were a few lessons I feel he wanted me to get. The continuation of Love is one of them.

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