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"We can begin here and now, to find meaning in our lives. We can make every moment an opportunity to change and to prepare--- wholeheartedly, precisely, and with peace of mind..."
-Sogyal Rinpoche from
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

I feel most connected to my true essence when I remember that my life has tremendous meaning and that I am here for a reason. I feel most connected to my true essence when I am living as though what I do matters. The way I remember to live with this awareness is by bringing more meaning to my daily routines through ritual and intention setting. 

The quest to find the meaning of our lives begins right now with basic and accessible steps.

  • We can remember to thank the earth for the meal we are about to eat. If we are an omnivore we can remember to thank the animal that gave it's life for our nourishment.
  • When we light a candle we can do it with the acknowledgement that the light of this candle represents the light we each have inside
  • We can make our beds in the morning to show our gratitude for having a place to sleep as well as to set the space for the next time we lay there for rest.

Living with intention can be as big or as small as we want it to be.
We can bring meaning to every single thing if that makes us happy. Or we can have a few points throughout our day that bring us back, slow us down, and remind us that there is a bigger picture. 

This Saturday we will be dancing with this theme of Living with Intention. In the simplest terms what this means is that we will explore how it feels in our bodies to physically move from a place of intention. But the invitation will also be there to honor our bodies as a portal to accessing our truth, our higher consciousness, our higher understanding--- to honor our bodies as a way to embody our highest intentions and to maybe even experience how this impacts the way we live our lives. 

This is a pretty big subject. If you feel the call to go deeper together I offer private sessions where we incorporate movement, meditation, and ritual to support you in your journey. Visit Services to learn more about one on one sessions.

living with intention

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