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"Qoya is not just an opportunity for remembering but an opportunity for embodying that remembering."
-Rochelle Schieck

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember; we remember our essence of being wise, wild, and free. We trust in and honor our wisdom through yoga and remember that while we may seek outside information we need not seek outside validation. All the true answers are within, we just need to look inward. We feel and express our wildness through dance, not like "girls gone wild". But wild as in that part of us that connects us to our ancestors, our lineage, our planet. The part of us that syncs with the sun, the moon, the seasons, and each other. The part of us that moves and meanders in cycles, not straight start to finish lines. The part of us that cannot be fully tamed and is always a little out of place in environments of too much structure and expectation. We enjoy our freedom with sensual movement. Our freedom to know, understand, and enjoy our bodies. Our freedom to love and revel in their magic and mystery. Our freedom to feel good, feel comfortable, and feel pleasure in our own skin.

Qoya is an opportunity to remember these sacred aspects of ourselves, but it is also an opportunity to embody them. To give wise, wild, and free a body (our bodies!) to move through, to live through, to express and experience through. We practice through our dance and allow it to carry over to our lives.

There are still many who have not experienced a Qoya Class yet. And that is okay. Your interest is the beginning of the journey. This Sunday is perfect for the curious heart, the first timer, and the one who wants to go deeper. This Sunday we dance with the most important thread that weaves through all of Qoya and all of us, and that is Love. This Sunday, like every class, there is no way you can do it wrong. This Sunday, like every class, is about what feels true to you.

week of qoya love

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