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Every experience seamlessly rolls into the next.  Some we may choose, some we may avoid if possible. But every experience is connected to the other and offers an opportunity to learn, to grow. As more and more of us get to know the Soul that we are we begin to hold visions for how we would like to express our Souls, ourSelves, in the world. Sometimes this process moves faster than we would like and often times it moves slower. The message that keeps coming through for me in those moments of overwhelm or feeling lost and those moments of impatience is, "I am right where I need to be."

What if we all are right where we need to be?

What if where we are right now will seamlessly bring us to where we are headed next? And all we need to do is to be present, say one word at a time, take one step at a time, make one decision and feel one heart beat at a time. It may not always be pretty. It may not always be what we desire. But what if even the less desirable is intrinsically threaded to that which we desire?
Would our perception of our journey be affected?

I am grateful to have practices and rituals that are supportive as I learn how to more fully express myself and my Soul in the world. I am grateful for the other souls that join me on this journey so that we can learn from and be witness to one another as we do this sacred work.

I invite you to experiment with the practices and rituals that support you on your path. If you would like a few ideas from what I have found works for me then please visit my blog at for descriptions and discussion every Sunday in October for Supportive Sundays. Also please contribute to the conversation on Kaci Florez - Embodiment Doula on Facebook and share the personal practices that support you as you dance through your life.

I dream of a world where we all are empowered to find what supports us most. And may we all be lost in the right direction.

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