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Happy International Women's Day!!

This is a day about truly honoring women. And to truly honor women we must look to create true and honest balance between the sexes. So I guess this makes this a feminist holiday. This does not make this a day about women who seek to overpower men. But rather in celebrating women we intend to empower the feminine so it can be back in balance with masculine. This is not to say that the words woman and feminine are synonymous. Nor are man and masculine synonymous. Regardless of our gender, our healthy expression has some blend of both. However, as a general picture, women tend to hold a higher capacity for a fuller expression of the divine and perfect feminine. And men tend to hold a higher capacity for a fuller expression of the divine and perfect masculine. The divine feminine/masculine simply represent the full spectrum of true masculine and feminine as it is designed to be. The desire to seek balance between the two should not be a difficult concept to understand.

We seek balance in so many other ways of life. We wants balanced diets. We practice exercise to create balance between strength and flexibility. We work on our physical balance to help carry our bodies gracefully into older age. We strive for a healthy balance in our relationship between work and play; work and family. Even when we carry shopping bags we distribute the bags between both sides for balanced weight. Our natural desire is to have balance. And there are countless systems to help us achieve that, which is great as we have a tendency to get out of balance from time to time. So why can it be so hard to see the necessity for balance between man and woman? Masculine and feminine? I think because it is automatically assumed that what is sought is sameness. But the reality is that masculine and feminine are different. They are in essence opposites. With this understanding sameness is not very realistic. So a more specific word that feminists use is equality. Feminists seek equality between the genders. But to be even more specific what we truly seek is to be equally valued. To know that our qualities, our gifts, our needs, our services, our well-being, etc, are given equal value to that of our male counterparts. Meaning they are seen as equally necessary.

While in some ways we do this selfishly because we desire to be valued equally, we also do this for the good of the collective. We understand that imbalance is detrimental to all involved. And in this case all involved is every human on the planet. In fact, it is the whole planet that is affected. We understand that in times of imbalance one side is typically overworked or over inflated. The overworked either becomes exhausted by over-compensating for the lack of it’s opposition, or it becomes dominant to the point of stunting it’s opposition. Neither of these are of benefit to the highest good of all involved.

Now too be clear, in saying “opposition” I do not mean competition. I simply mean it’s counterpart, or it’s partner. The opposition to light is dark. The opposition to right is left. The opposition to summer is winter. The opposition of masculine is feminine. We see the need for balance in our bodies. When their is imbalance between one’s right and left legs the once stronger leg begins to sustain increased wear and tear and often eventually injury. This throws more and more of the body out of balance which ultimately causes more pain and suffering. When people seek physical therapies they seek to create as much balance as physically possible in the body for the most efficient functioning of the whole system. So let’s take that  way of thinking into the feminist movement. When it is applied to the relationship between man/ woman and masculine/feminine, this same type of thinking would also prove to be the most efficient way of functioning in our world. Both masculine and feminine have necessary gifts. One cannot truly shine without the other. The emphasis on building up the divine feminine or simply the emphasis on finding equal value between men and women, is and always will be for the highest good of All that Is.

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