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Happy International Women's Day!!!

Today is a day for us to celebrate the powerful women in our history and our lives. It is a day to honor all the brave souls who have stood up for women's rights and the equality of humans of all genders over the generations. It is a day for us to commit to continuing the quest of creating balance between the masculine and the feminine in our world and however they manifest in our men, women, boys, girls, and the many people who fall somewhere outside of these labels. There is still so much work to do, especially on a global scale.

Everyday and especially today, I encourage each of us to acknowledge the lineage of women we come from: in our family, our friends, our cultures, our professions, and beyond. 

To the women I share this life with and to the non-women who support us in our embodiment, I love you all so much.

Here is a playlist I created for this special day. It is a collaborative list on Spotify so if there is a song that makes you feel the power of the Feminine please add it to the list. And dance, dance, dance away!

feminism for everybody

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