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Now is the time to come together.

As we come together we call in women like each other to offer our unique voice and expression to the collective. In our circle there is no higher authority, nobody with more importance, no rigid role structure. Everyone who joins is a student and everyone who joins is a teacher. Everyone brings their own unique voice and gifts. And if someone does not feel comfortable sharing their voice or gifts yet they don't have to. There is no pressure and no timeline.

We come together because we seek love, wisdom, support, community, and guidance from one another. As women we are sick of being pitted against each other by the media, by a patriarchal society, and by our own insecurities.
We know beyond explanation that we are stronger together than we are apart.We are ready to align with this powerful feminine essence, share our stories, our wisdom, our laughter, our tears, and let the strength of our connection ripple out to the world we live in. 

This is the essence of a Women's Circle. This is the essence of Qoya. This is the inspiration for the Qoya Collective Retreat. The Qoya Collective Retreat is a unique experience
because this is the first time where 9 Qoya teachers have come together to offer and hold such a sacred space. 


As we continue this dance together please know that you have my support. In everything you do to bring you deeper into your essence, I've got your back. 
I'd love if you join me in Costa Rica because I know the rewards of a Qoya retreat but as I have said before, my one true desire is that all of our hearts lead us exactly where we need to go.

May we follow their lead.

sister on the beach

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