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Every morning the Sun says "Hello!" as we slowly turn around to face it again.

Then every evening the Sun says "Good-bye" as we slowly turn away.

Remembering that it is not the Sun that leaves us to the darkness or brings us back the light, but it is our own doing as we sit upon the spinning Earth. 

This is a daily ceremony, so often missed or ignored, so easy to forget our own role in what is happening. So easy to put all the responsibility on the Sun or give it no thought at all. But there is power in remembering. There is power in acknowledgement and ownership. What does it feel like when you choose to honor this twice-daily solar ceremony? The ways to do it are endless. Here are two:

My favorite way is through dance, preferably on a beach or somewhere where the horizon is clear. 

Dance to say thank you and to simply feel your place within the cycles of nature. 

And for those times when a beach isn't near, the horizon view is blocked by trees or buildings, and/or there is no space to dance, ritual can still be held with a moment of praise, gratitude, and acknowledgement.

Set two reminders on your phone, one for sunrise and one for sunset, then two times a day devote whatever you are doing to this small ceremony.

Let the Sun represent whatever you would like it to represent, acknowledge what it has done for you, and recognize that the Sun is not rising or setting, but you (with the help of your Earth home) are coming or going. 

As you do this ceremony ask yourself how it feels to turn towards or turn away from the Sun. Release the right side of your brain's tendency to say that you have no choice in the matter. Let go of the logical explanation that it is the Earth that turns, and as a result of living on the Earth (by no choice of your own) you too must turn toward or away from the Sun. Instead let yourself feel what it feels like to turn towards the Sun. Let yourself feel what it feels like to turn away from the Sun. Think less about it.

What does it feel like?

Through ceremony may we feel our place, our responsibilty, and our opportunity within this interconnected web of life. 

How does feeling this change how we approach our day? Our life?

Tulum Sunrise Dance sm

If you would like to practice this ceremony with me for a week, join me in Tulum for the Dance With the Veil Retreat. Tulum faces the rising Sun over the Caribbean Sea. Come for Sunrise beach dancing, daily movement classes, nourishing food, spa treatments, excursion, quiet time to yourself, and conversations with like-minded women. 

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