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When I write something new I like it to be handwritten first. My thoughts feel more authentic to me when they are expressed by handwriting. Less censored, filtered, pre-planned. Something about that computer screen makes me feel like I am on a stage of some sort and I get stage fright. The screen and those keys are a portal to the World Wide Web. Anything that I type and publish via my blog or social media will live forever whether I want them to or not. That is a lot of pressure. And consciously or not, the pressure alters what I say and how I say it. Unlike the immortality of the world wide web, I decide the fate of the words I write on a paper page. These words are handmade and there is more time for me to be with my hand made creation before I decide if I am going share it. If I wish for these words to cease to exist, I can destroy them with a single match. When my words are first expressed by handwriting they are all mine and I experience them intimately. I feel the paper pages, I smell the subtle scent of ink, and I feel the indents from each letter. As I write sometimes I develop a small cramp in my hand thus making me become more invested in what I am creating. Because despite the discomfort, whatever I am saying means enough for me to go on. Handwritten words not only feel like they come more from my heart but they are physically connected to my heart. When my pen writes the letter we are all magnificently united- the page, the ink, the pen, my hand, my arm, my shoulder, my neck, my head, my chest, my heart. It is really quite special if you think about it. This is why most people like receiving handwritten notes. We can feel the energy of the person who sent it. As we read their words our consciousness is in the palm of their hands and connected to their hearts.

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