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We don't need another revolution. We need an Evolution.

From An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millenium: A Primer for the Mutation of Consciousness by Alan Sasha Lithman

"...[R}evolution [to revolve] suggests a circular movement rotating around a fixed axis that, regardless of the distance traveled, eventually returns to the orbital point where it began. This is why there is a tendency, a gravitational pull on our human cycles, for revolutionaries, once in power, to take on the qualities of those whom they overthrew-- to gravitate back to past patterns, the oppressed and abused unconsciously absorbing and repeating the tyrannies of their oppressors and abusers. 

The central element here that limits the effectiveness of revolutionary change is its rotation around a fixed axis, which in human terms means around a fixed consciousness. In other words, if the person, the inner consciusness, the pivotal point, does not change, shift, evolve, then things simply revolve, tethered in the case of our species to Mind and its mental reference points for Reality."

Today, millions participated in the Women's March around the globe. We weren't all women and we marched for many reasons and causes. People were called from far and wide. This wasn't just another call for revolution, but a call for evolution. The axis is shifting. The balance is restabilizing. The Divine Feminine (which exists in all beings) is rising. May she Rise and Reign. 

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