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Do the values and morals of the trainers and service providers matter when we are deciding where to go? In some cases I guess not, at least to a certain extent. But in other cases, specifically in situations where we are learning about or receiving a method of healing, morals and values and energetic alignment matter a lot. A few months ago I received a message from a former student asking for input regarding a teacher training she was considering. Below is my edited response. I removed specifics because this answer is more universal than one particular training. In fact, even when I refer to yoga, please insert any type of healer training in there (i.e. Reiki, Tai Chi, Massage, and so on). Please leave your two cents in the comments section.

First off, I would like to say that I think it is great that you want to teach yoga and that I think you will be truly amazing at it. I can only imagine how loving and healing your studio will be.

When it comes to going down this path (or any path for that matter), I really believe the most important thing is that you follow both your heart and your gut. Your heart guiding more your love and desires and your gut following the deepest truth and wisdom you have within.


Yoga itself is beyond what I believe we can fully comprehend. The power we are dealing with as yoga teachers is both a blessing and a responsibility. When we want to learn the craft of teaching this phenomenal practice it is imperative that we feel good about where and who we acquire our training from. Not only do we have to trust their knowledge on the subject but we have to feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually safe. To the best of our knowledge and observation do we feel our potential trainer respects and honors their students? Do they respect the students' physical well-being? Do they speak respectfully to students and staff? Are they an ethical match or role model?


When I speak about what I look for spiritually in a teacher I mean what I mean is, are they going to enhance my spiritual vibration/understanding/experience? In my view every opportunity is one to grow spiritually. And when we go to someone for a service whether it is a massage, chiropractic care, or a yoga class it is important to me that I feel they hold a higher vibration than me (or at least a corresponding one). Why? Because in seeking their service or teaching I am aligning with them and I would rather them to help lift me up and leave me feeling more empowered and grounded in my truth than to have them drag me down and feel confused or disgusted. A teaching or healing environment is a vulnerable one. I have not always looked at my learning and receiving of services this way, but as I have grown I have become more energetically sensitive and simply cannot settle for anything less anymore. If I try to settle I suffer. I feel drained, uninspired, stuck. This is my experience. This may not be anyone else’s. But the question was what would I do in your shoes. And this is all part of my answer.

Now I will respond  more directly to the message you sent me and the feeling I got from it. I feel apprehension from your note.  I see that you want to be a teacher. And perhaps you feel this training is your only option. I imagine that you have heard and seen that there are alternative trainings out there. The problem of course is that many studios do not recognize these trainings and would not hire teachers from them. I can see the issue. So to get to your question of what I would do in your shoes... I would ask myself based on my observation and the information available would I feel safe at this training?  If my answer is "yes, I feel safe" then I would ask my heart if this is what it wants. If "yes", then I would consult my gut. If all answers are yes then I would start making my plans to go.

But if I did not feel safe on all counts or I got a "no" from my heart or my gut then I would look at others options. Frankly at that point, it would not matter to me if a studio wouldn't hire me because I would not want to work there anyways. The stakes are too high for me to not listen to my inner guidance and to work in an environment that is not in alignment with what I hold in my heart. I am a firm believer that if one follows their inner guidance (which to me is our direct advice from God) then all will be worked out.

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