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I believe that everyone was born with a Divine Spark and Inner Guide. I believe that we all have access to this Inner Guide. I believe that we all deserve to have a beautiful life and our Guide or our God wants us to have a beautiful life. by following our Inner Guide (God) we can do this. My belief does not promise that it won't be difficult or painful at times. My belief promises that through this Divine Spark and by following our Inner Guide we can relieve much of our struggle to fit in, our struggles to try to be something that we are not, and our struggle to make sense of life's confusions. My belief is that we can relieve most of our suffering through surrender and live with a deep trust and knowing that everything is ultimately going to be okay. When this struggle goes away and when the suffering quiets down, this is when our gifts and qualities have space to present themselves in our lives. This is when we get to know ourselves more deeply and fully.

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