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"The very center of your heart is where life begins..."

At the beginning of a Qoya Class, as the teacher introduces Qoya, she often makes mention of something she calls the "pulse of life". It's the pulse that runs through any and all things. You can find it, ready to be felt, simply by placing your hand on your chest to feel the beating of your heart. You probably have also felt it beyond your chest at various times in your life, like when you are watching a sunset and your whole body just exhales, or when you get caught up in the contagious laughter of a child, or when you feel a sense of excitement as you embark on the journey of a road trip adventure. Rochelle Schieck and founder of Qoya calls all of these examples of when life expands and becomes sacred. They are moments of connection to the sacred pulse of life.

My favorite part about this sacred pulse is that it really IS always available. It doesn't necessarily take more time in our day to acknowledge and tap into it, but rather it takes intention, awareness, and willingness. When we watch a sunset the feeling can enfold us before we even know what is happening, and these moments are magical. But in any ordinary moment, sometimes all it takes is a shift in focus or awareness to get that same feeling. Qoya offers us tools and the space to practice this shifting of our focus and awareness to not only recognizing the sacred pulse of life, but to consciously ride it's wave. 

As we come together to dance let's experiment to see if through our dance we can tap into this sacred pulse. 

cr sunset dance

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