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"Your heart can never be extinguished, the flame that burns inside of you is in no way mutable. It is your internal pilot light, sparked upon your birth, the gas; your soul flowing through you."
-James Ray, psychic astrologer

As psychic astrologer James Ray says in his article, the solar eclipse that occurred on March 8th "[was] the beginning of a period where we can feel as if the sun doesn’t exist." This coupled with the new moon of March 8th and it actually feels like there was no moon either.  As I sit here typing, I feel very much in this darkness. No sun, no moon. Stuck in the cocoon, unable to reach the light. But slowly the moon waxes and we approach the full moon again. The full moon of March 23rd happens days within the Spring Equinox (March 20th) where our days shift from being more dark than light to more light than dark. Does your inner story reflects this? I know mine does. 

It is not a secret that this last year has been the darkest of my life. The day my husband died a piece of me died. It's actually difficult for me to look at pictures of myself from before his passing because that girl is gone as well. Mourning the loss of him and the loss of her, it's been the great winter of my life. Reading the article by James Ray gives me some hope and insight. As I have swam and continue to swim in the soupy darkness of this loss, I now find myself in sync with the seasons, the moon, the eclipse and putting my faith in the lighter days and nights that are coming.

We all live through our own seasons of darkness and death. We all lose parts of ourselves or parts of our lives as they die off. Sometimes this is a welcome process, sometimes it is not so welcome. Regardless of its welcomeness the cycle of life and death is universal. This Sunday is an invitation to honor the process, to experiment with trusting the flow that the light will come again, and to summon the courage to step back into the light. Because while it is widely accepted that it takes courage to dive into the darkness, it also takes courage to emerge back into the light.

bow at labrynth

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