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Kaci Florez

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I believe that our willingness to feel it all can be a portal to our awakening. 

In my experience of teaching yoga, leading Qoya, and guiding meditation I have encouraged students to feel as much as possible. This is something I practice myself. I appreciate feeling as much as I can through my senses, my emotions, and my relationships.

Through this practice I have grown to deeply know the light of joy and pleasure, the rapture of love and devotion, and the excitement of making a future with the one I love. This is the life I was living. Then one month after my 30th birthday, just when we were talking about expanding our family, my husband lost his life in a BASE jumping accident. That one phone call turned my fairytale romance to heartbreaking tragedy.

Thrust into an awakening process beyond what I would ever have asked for, the end of my life as I knew it was also the greatest revelation into the truth of my existence. The ending also became a beginning. 

When I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, and I could barely think, my body took over. I felt an ancient intelligence awaken within me. It told me to move and reminded me to feel everything. It told me to use dance as a way to pray -- to allow my whole body to grieve. 

Grief is Holy

It taught me to lift the veil between the physical world and the world of spirit so I could feel my husband. In the process I was also invited to lift the veil on myself and my own spirit. What I learned is that death has a lot to teach us about how to live life. I discovered death did not scare me — not living did.

Grief is painful.

I know the tendency to resist, to avoid, to hide, to numb. I’ve done all of these and I found that indulging in these natural reactions is still engaging. It’s still choosing life.

When honored and allowed, grief expands our capacity to feel, magnifies our senses, distills us down to our raw experience and restores our connection to our truth as well as our empathy to one another.

Loss has ignited in me the desire to Live by embodying the Truth and Divinity that lives inside me. It lived inside my husband and it lives inside you. 

My offerings and services are all inspired by this desire to live my life as wholly (and Holy) as possible — and to encourage you to do the same. Through embodied movement, spiritual support, energetic healing, and ritual we can connect with all parts of ourselves, the seen and the unseen, on both sides of the veil.

Are you willing to feel it all?

Are you ready to dance with the veil?


Take a class with me


My favorite way to practice feeling more and listening to my body's wisdom is through a Qoya Class. Or maybe you feel called to explore in a more intimate and customized setting. If so, then contact me to set up a private session in person or over Skype.